Author: Don Frederiksen

How to Attend a SHIFT Event Using Zoom

Zoom is a popular platform for conducting video meetings and classes.  It is used by SHIFT (shiftonline.org) to hold workshops, forums, SHIFT-Ins and Circles. and organizations of all types. 

In this Recipe you will learn the basics of attending a SHIFT event using Zoom.  

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The Magic of Long Press

Long Press is a magical function. This Nugget provides a list of 10 ways that you can use a long press for shortcuts or quick access to functions on your Android phone.

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Using Do Not Disturb to Stop the Interruptions

It is important to be able to manage the ringer on your phone so that an incoming phone call or other notification doesn’t ring in an inappropriate time. This Nugget explores the benefits and use of Do Not Disturb to manage the ringer and notifications.

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Scan a QR Code with your Android Phone

QR Code are showing up all over the place. In mailings, in stores, even on the side of you local USPS truck. Recent Android phones can scan QR codes using the camera. Or use Google assistant or Google lens if you phone doesn’t scan directly. This Nugget shows you how.

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