Customizing the new IOS 13 Share Sheet

by | Dec 28, 2019

One of the more visible changes that came with IOS 13 is the redesigned share sheet.  The share sheet is the screen that pops up when you press the Share icon in apps like Photos or Safari.

We have discussed Share previously as the source of several hidden functions that you can access from Photos or Web sites.  From the Share sheet you can print, copy, share and more.  We identified  some of these hidden functions in Nugget #N16 The Hidden Functions of Share.

With IOS 13, the core functions of the Share sheet have not changed.  But what has changed is the design and being able to customize the Share sheet.  For example, if when you are view photos in the Photos app, you frequently want to move a photo to an album, you identify that action as a favorite so that is is presented at the top of your Share action list.  It becomes available right under your fingertips at the top of your Share sheet, rather than having to scroll down a long list of options to find it.

This week’s features nugget will review the new Share sheet and show you how to customize the Share sheet by adding favorites to the top of the action list.  


Customize your Share Sheet for quick access to your favorite share functions.  Perfect for people who like to organize their photos into albums and want to put the Add to Album command at the top of the action list. 

Featured Nugget

IOS 13 includes a newly designed Share sheet. The Share Sheet is the collection of actions that become available when you tap the Share icon available in most of the common app. The new design provides easier access to the various actions and allows you to also include Favorite actions that are presented at the… ....Continue Reading

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IOS & iPadOS 13.3 – Recommended

IOS 12.4.4 for Older Devices – Recommended.

There was a flurry of IOS and iPadOS updates on December 10 and after letting the marketplace test it, we now recommend these updates.

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Woman’s Club of Minneapolis – January 7 – 1-3 pm Drop in Q&A Session

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Senior Tech Time – St Anthony Community Services January 13 2-4 pm

iPhone App to Help you Live your Life.  Topics cover  those iPhone & iPad apps that help you stay connected and effective including Contacts, Calendar, Notes & Reminders.

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Senior Tech Time – St Anthony Community Services January 15 2-4 pm

Android Essentials – Covering topics like managing your phone, simplifying your home screen, silencing the ringer, making phone calls and basic text messaging.

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