Don’t answer calls from unknown numbers.

by | Dec 5, 2019

It’s the first tip in the list of consumer recommendations from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for stopping unwanted Rococalls and texts.  (Click here for the full list

Don’t answer calls from unknown numbers. If you answer such a call, hang up immediately.

Calls from telemarketers and robocalls are running rampant.  We would just like it to stop.  

One of the best new features of IOS 13 won’t stop the calls.  But it will silence them. 

This feature is my favorite new thing in IOS 13. 

This week’s featured Nugget introduces you to Silence Unknown Callers.  The concept is simple.  When enabled, your iPhone rings only for calls from phone numbers in your Contacts, Mail, and Messages.  And even better, setup is easy. 

I hope it is also your favorite thing about IOS 13.  You’ll won’t be answering unknown callers.


Featured Nugget

Calls from telemarketers and robocallers are a problem for our community. IOS 13 offers a new function that will silence unknown callers and route them directly to voicemail. This Nugget will show you how to set this up. ....Continue Reading

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IOS & iPadOS 13.3 – Recommended

IOS 12.4.4 for Older Devices – Recommended.

There was a flurry of IOS and iPadOS updates on December 10 and after letting the marketplace test it, we now recommend these updates.

Also, with the release this fall of iPadOS specifically for the iPad, we wanted to update our IOS Version Recommendation page so that you can see all of the current recommendations without having to scroll down several pages.

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2020 Focus on Learning

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Woman’s Club of Minneapolis – January 7 – 1-3 pm Drop in Q&A Session

Woman’s Club Members can bring their iPhone or Android questions to the January 7 Drop-in Q&A Session.  More information is available on the Woman’s Club website.

Senior Tech Time – St Anthony Community Services January 13 2-4 pm

iPhone App to Help you Live your Life.  Topics cover  those iPhone & iPad apps that help you stay connected and effective including Contacts, Calendar, Notes & Reminders.

St. Anthony Community Services – 612-706-1166 or website

Senior Tech Time – St Anthony Community Services January 15 2-4 pm

Android Essentials – Covering topics like managing your phone, simplifying your home screen, silencing the ringer, making phone calls and basic text messaging.

St. Anthony Community Services – 612-706-1166 or website