Have a Trivia Party to Get More Comfortable with Siri

by | Nov 9, 2019

A couple of weeks ago, I went to see the movie Judy.  The movie is about the legendary Judy Garland when she arrives in London in the winter of 1968 to perform a series of concerts.

The movie brought back a lot of memories. I remember watching the Wizard of Oz on television when it was an annual television tradition in the 1960’s. Before the movie Judy, I was not aware or had simply forgotten that Liza Minnelli was Judy Garland’s daughter. And then there was Mickey Rooney.  He had a small feature in the Judy movie and there were questions about his life.

Those questions are a perfect opportunity to use Siri to get answers.    Siri happens to be quite quite versed in movies, celebrities, sports and more.

So I  summoned Siri and asked, When did Judy Garland die?

How many husbands did Judy Garland have?

Where was Judy Garland born?

How old is Micky Rooney?

The curious will discover that Siri can readily answer a multitude of questions about celebrities, entertainment, sports and more.  This brings us to our Smart Tip:

Smart Tip for Siri

In working with our community, I find that many seem uncomfortable using Siri.  We understand.  It is frankly a little strange talking to your device! Our recommendation is to just start asking questions of Siri.  It’s perfect for the curious.  And a great way to get comfortable using Siri to not only get answers to your questions but to also make your life easier.  Start with questions and soon you will be using Siri to set alarms and timers.  make grocery lists and more.

Featured Recipe

Getting to Know Siri

If you use an iPhone or iPad you can get many things done faster and more easily using Siri.  Siri comes with many great functions. You can ask Siri questions, get directions, send text messages and emails, set timers and alarms, get recommendations and more. Best of all is is simple and only takes a little practice to master it.  And for Seniors who find it difficult to type on their device, it expands their capabilities. This recipe will get you going with Siri.

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