Improve your iPhone Photos with the Rule of Thirds

by | Dec 14, 2018

I’m not a good photographer.  And when it comes to iPhone photography, even though I have a pretty good understanding of what our iPhone camera can do, this doesn’t guarantee good photos.  I have bad habits especially when it comes to setting up the photos I take.  Most photographers think of this as composition.    

But this week’s tip is about one particular bad habit that many amateur photographers have, that is, centering your subject.

Photography experts recommend that generally do not want to center your subject in a picture.  Instead consider the Rule of Thirds where you divide your image into thirds.  Imagine a grid like this.

The composition idea is to place your subjects one the lines or intersections of the grid.  For example, if you are photographing a person position their eyes at the blue dots.  If you are photographing an outdoor scene, put the horizon at one of the horizontal lines.  The basic idea is that this positioning adds balance and interest to the photo.  

This week’s Featured Nugget will highlight the rule of thirds and show you how your iPhone can help with your Rule of Thirds positioning. 


Featured Recipe

In photography, the Rule of Thirds (Wikipedia) provides a tried and true guideline that photographers use to compose better photos.  The rule proposes that instead of simply centering your photo subject, you divide your image into thirds and place your subject at the intersection of those divisions.  

Notice how the tree and horizon are aligned with the grid lines. You can have gridlines on your camera screen to assist you. (Wikipedia Photo)

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