Summertime Listening and Learning with Podcasts

by | Aug 2, 2019

This summer might be a good time for you to explore podcasts and put this world of knowledge and entertainment in your hands. 

Podcasts are perfect for your summer road trip or relaxing vacations.  Or, on the flip side of relaxation, a podcast is a great diversion from traffic delays due to summer road construction. 

Or if if you already listen to podcasts, summer might be the perfect time to  explore new topics and new voices.

Podcasts are audio programs that are made available on the internet. They are downloaded to your computer or iPhone or iPad for playing anywhere or anytime.  They are great for learning and staying engaged with all kinds of topics.

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular.  Why?

They are convenient and fit easily into our busy lives, especially portable using your iPhones.  Even if you only have a few minutes.  

They are personal by providing information of interest to you.  Prefer news? Documentaries? Hobbies? Politics? Comedy?  You’ll find a podcast that matches your interest.  

  • Over 60% of podcast listeners spend more time listening to podcasts than watching TV every week.

Because Apple is one of the major distributors of podcasts, using the Podcasts app on your Apple device is easy and convenient.   Simply launch the Podcasts app, browse or search for a podcast and play.  It’s easy  And the Podcasts app even works nicely with Siri.  “Hey Siri, Play podcast American Life.”

And best of all, podcasts are FREE and have limited commercial interruption.

This week’s feature Recipe will not only get you started but will also suggest a handful of popular, award-winning podcasts to get you started.  

Featured Recipe


Podcasts are audio programs that are made available on the internet. They are downloaded to your computer or phone for playing anywhere or anytime.  The Apple Podcasts app is the built-in tool for managing your search, subscription and playback of the podcasts that you choose.   ....Continue Reading

News & Events

Here are news and events on the Senior Tech calendar for the coming weeks.  Reply to this email if you want more information. 

St Anthony Senior Tech Time  – October  2019 Classes for Newer and Experienced Users

The Senior Tech Club is leading two classes in September as part of the St Anthony Senior Tech Time Series.  The Series, now in its third year includes Foundation classes for newer users of iPhones and iPads and an Experienced User class for people who already know the basics of making calls, sending and receiving texts and emails and handling their devices.

St Anthony Senior Tech Time  – October  21, 2019 2 – 4 PM – Foundation Class

Camera and Photos. This class will teach you how to take basic photos and video with the Camera app. We will also learn about the Photos app to manage your photos and organize your photos

St Anthony Senior Tech Time October 23, 2019  2 – 4 PM  Experienced User Class

Beyond Point and Click with your iPhone Camera.

This class explores the advanced features of the Camera and Photos apps including changing exposure, camera modes and functions. Also learn the photo editing capabilities of the Photos app.

For more Information and Registration.  Or call St. Anthony Community Services at 612-706-1166.  Classes are held at the St Anthony, MN Community Center and are a great bargain at $5 per class.  All are welcome.

IOS 13 – Still Waiting for the Dust to Settle

There is a flurry of activity and updates from Apple with the IOS 13 release.  However we are not recommending an IOS 13 update unless you have a new iPhone 11 or “accidentally” upgraded to IOS 13 through Automatic Updates.

You can learn about our upgrade principles and track our upgrade recommendations online at: IOS Version Recommendation.