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LIVE! #12 – Getting to Know Siri

If you use an iPhone or iPad you can get many things done faster and more easily using Siri.  Siri comes with many great functions. You can ask Siri questions, get directions, send text messages and emails, set timers and alarms, get recommendations and more. Best of all is is simple and only takes a little practice to master it.  

In this LIVE! session you will get to know Siri and some of her capabilities.  

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LIVE! #8 How to Attend a Zoom Meeting

Zoom is a popular platform for conducting video meetings and classes.  It is used by schools, organizations and organizations of all types.  For friends and family, Zoom can be used to have virtual meals, play games or even virtual happy hours.

In this LIVE! session you will learn the basics of attending a Zoom meeting.  

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