Welcome to Senior Tech Tuesday!

Senior Tech Tuesday  is the home of the Senior Tech Club’s  FREE live online training. 

Senior Tech Tuesdays sessions are easy and casual.  It’s like a group of us sitting around the kitchen table (via Zoom) demonstrating features of your smartphones and tablets.  In the sessions Don will present a topic, demonstrate the actions and invite you to explore from your home. 

Each class will last about an hour. 

The sessions are FREE.  All that is required is that you register with Zoom before the class to receive your meeting link.  The same link can be used for all Tuesday sessions during October and November. 

Need help with Zoom, learn about attending meeting with Zoom in this Senior Tech lessons.

How to Attend a Zoom Meeting

LIVE! #8: How to Attend a Zoom Meeting includes Video 


Senior Tech Tuesday Topics

Below are the planned topics and dates for Senior Tech Talk Tuesdays.   Our live classes are scheduled for 10:00 AM CDT and last about an hour.  Use the Zoom Registration button above to get your Zoom link for these sessions.  

Senior Tech Tuesdays #7 Intro to the Shortcuts App

The Shortcut apps allows you to create shortcuts that let you quickly do everyday tasks with just a tap or by asking Siri. We will look at sample short cuts and demonstrate how shortcuts are developed.

Senior Tech Tuesdays #8 Typing Tips

Typing on your iPhone or iPad seems pretty standard. However there are a few tips that are somewhat hidden. In this fun Tuesday session we will show you how to place the cursor, do caps lock, do quick slide typing, how to create a keyboard shortcut and dictation. Attend this session to make your typing faster.

Senior Tech Tuesday #9 Do More with the Control Center

The Control Center is an essential tool on your iPhone and iPad. It provides the easiest and quickest method for accessing functions like airplane mode, flashlight, calculator, camera and more. There are additional hidden functions where a long press will access app shortcuts. Additionally, we will show you how to add additional icon shortcuts to the Control Center panel.