IOS 14.8 – Fixes a Critical Security Flaw

by | Sep 20, 2021

IOS 14.8 is recommended for iPhones 6s and later.  (Check Compatibility)

IOS 14 was a major update to the iPhone device and additional functions continue to added to the version since it was released in September 2020.

IOS 14.8 is a surprise fix for a critical security flaw.  It was an unexpected update.   It does not include any significant new features does does fix a security vulnerability.  

This version is recommended by the Senior Tech Club.

As is common in many updates, this update fixes security issues.  The primary reason to update to version 14.8 for our community is to get this fix.

See Apple’s IOS Announcement site for more details about this and previous updates to IOS 14.  

I  found no issues with the update and the process took about 30 minutes.   I also found no issues in the week following the release. 

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Upgrade Recommended!