Secure your Devices – Biometrics are Best!


The Senior Tech Club wants to provide information that will help keep you safe online and with your devices.  

One of the tips offered by the National CyberSecurity Alliance to help protect yourself and stay safe online is to make sure you secure your devices 

Here is the recommendation from their StaySafeOnline website. 

Lock your devices, like your tablet and phone: You lock the front door to your house, and you should do the same with your devices. Use strong passphrases or passcodes to lock your tablet and phone. Securing your devices keeps prying eyes out and can help protect your information in case your devices are lost or stolen.

Let’s start with a Passcode
Every iPhone should have a passcode.  A passcode will prevent someone from tacking your iPhone and access your personal data.

Then add Biometrics

All iPhones since the iPhone 5s have offered a biometric security tool.

Touch ID: If your iPhone has a Home button and is an iPhone 5s or newer, you can use a fingerprint to unlock your iPhone.
Face ID:  If you iPhone is an iPhone X or newer, you can use facial recognition to unlock your iPhone.

Using either approach is not only more secure but once you get used to the necessary action, will be faster and more convenient when you need to unlock them.  For example, are have a Kodak moment that you need to capture with your iPhone, Touch ID or Face ID will allow you to capture that moment more quickly.

This week, we offer two Senior Tech Club recipes to help with the setup of your security tools.  Both of these recipes are normally only available to Senior Tech Club members for as our final aide in recognition of National CyberSecurity Awareness Month (October) we will make them available to all.

We want you to secure your devices.  It is a smart tip!

Featured Recipe

Passcodes and Touch ID


The Senior Tech Club, we recommends two basic security approaches for securing your iPhone or iPad: Use a Passcode Set Up Touch ID This recipe will provide the steps to set up, change passcodes and set up Touch ID. ....Continue Reading

Featured Recipe

Face ID


The use of Face ID is recommended for both security and convenience. The setup is easy. This recipe will guide you through the setup and use of Face ID ....Continue Reading

News & Events

Here are news and events on the Senior Tech calendar for the coming weeks.  Reply to this email if you want more information. 

St Anthony Senior Tech Time  – November  2019 Classes for Newer and Experienced Users

The Senior Tech Club is leading two classes in November as part of the St Anthony Senior Tech Time Series.  The Series, now in its third year,  includes Foundation classes for newer users  and an Experienced User class for people who already know the basics of making calls, sending and receiving texts and emails and handling their devices.

St Anthony Senior Tech Time  – November  18, 2019 2 – 4 PM – Foundation Class

Stay Connected using your iPhone.  We explore using text messages, email and FaceTime and browsing the Internet with Safari.

St Anthony Senior Tech Time November 20, 2019  2 – 4 PM  Experienced User Class

What’s New with IOS 13.   IOS is the software that run your iPhone and iPad.  This fall we see IOS version 13 was introduced. This class will explore its new features.  

For more Information and Registration.  Or call St. Anthony Community Services at 612-706-1166.  Classes are held at the St Anthony, MN Community Center and are a great bargain at $5 per class.  All are welcome.

IOS 13.2.2 – Time to Upgrade

IOS 13.2.2 is the seventh release of IOS 13 and we can now recommend the upgrade for many Senior Tech Club users.  Although there are still users citing concerns, the reports of issues have declined giving us confidence in the release.

There are a number of features in IOS 13 that we like for our community.  One example is the ability to route unknown callers (like robocallers or telemarketers) directly to voicemail.  We will soon be sharing our favorite IOS 13 features.

Eligible iPhones are iPhone 6s and later.

The most important step in the upgrade process is making sure you have a good backup of your iPhone’s data.  Issues are rare but a back also allows you to revert to your existing IOS version without loss of data.

You can learn about upgrade steps in Recipe #014 How to Perform an IOS Software Update

You can learn about our upgrade principles and track our upgrade recommendations online at: IOS Version Recommendation.


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