Create and Complete Reminders to Remember the Stuff in your Life

We have things to do, places to go.  And sometimes a simple reminder list is great way to help us remember the stuff we need to get done.

Sometimes all we need is a simple list of items that we need to do on a given day.  Other times, we may be looking to keep track of tasks, projects and activities that include reminders, notes, dates and more.

With the Reminders app, you can create both simple and detailed reminders.   And importantly reminders are easy to create and manage.   

Let’s review the essential process.


Create a Reminder in simple steps

First you have to launch the Reminders app.   Then add a reminder with these simple steps:

1 Add a reminder by tapping the + sign in the Reminders app.

2 Type a label or description “Return Library Book” for the reminders. 

3 If your reminder is a simple list item, tap Done to save. Or….

4 If the reminder needs some detail, for example, a date and time, a place, a priority or some additional notes, tap the Info (Circle i) icon.  

Adding Detail like Dates & Notes to the Reminder

First you have to tap the Info (Circle i) icon (Step #4 above)  while creating or editing a reminder.

You then can add dates and other details to this reminder with these simple steps:

5 Dates – Top the Remind me on a day switch to green (green is on).  The date picker will appear.

6 Use the Date picker to select the desired date and time.  Flick up or down on the dates to make your selection.  If this is a reminder that you would like to get daily or weekly, tap Repeat and make your repeat interval.  Never indicates that you will receive the reminder only once.

7 Notes & Priority – scroll down the Reminders detail screen to enter Notes or indicate a priority.

With the Priority, !!! (3 exclamation marks) is the hightest priority and will be moved to the top of your reminders list.

8 Tap Done to save and complete the process.


Location Reminders

You can also create reminders that will remind you when your arrive at a location, for example, “Remind me to take out the garbage when I get home.”  

We have created a special nugget with instructions on creating location reminders at:

Nugget N6    Create Location-based Reminders to Complete Tasks

How are you Reminded

In the Return library book  example above, you will receive a notification when the Remind me on a day arrives.

The Notification will appear on the lock screen with a sound or buzz if the phone is on vibrate.


Senior Smart Tip – Use Siri to set a Reminder

If you are thinking that this process is a little complicated for a simple reminder, using Siri makes the process very easy.

How easy?  Just a single line of instruction will do it.

Summon Siri and say, “Remind Me to Return Library Book on Saturday.”  That’s it, a real time saver.



Completing Reminders

It’s Incredibly easy.  It’s one of the best things about using the Reminders app.  

Mark a reminder as complete by simply tapping on the circle next to a reminder in your Reminders list.  


You can decide if you wish to keep completed items on your list of reminders.  Tap Show Completed at the bottom of the screen to display or hide completed reminders.



Deleting Reminders

The easiest way to delete and totally remove a reminder from the list is to simply swipe left on the reminder you wish to delete.

The Swipe Left is consistent with so many other apps as identified in Nugget N20 Swipe Left to Delete from a List


Tap Delete to complete the deletion process.


This easy action will allow you to keep your Reminders list tidy.




Creating Additional Lists

The standard Reminders are actually in a list that is called Reminders.  The Reminders list is the default list.  You can create additional lists in the Reminders app for other purposes.  For example, you could create a Grocery list. Of if you are preparing for a vacation and tasks to do, create a Vacation list.

Access other lists by tapping on the title of the current list that is displayed.  For example type on Reminders.

A list of your Reminders lists will display.  Tap on any list name to display the contents of that list. 


Add a New Reminder List

Create new list list you created a reminder earlier in this lesson.  Simply 


Tap the + (plus sign) on the reminders list and type the name of the list.

Tap Done when completed.  

Change your Lists

To delete a list, tap Edit at the top of the list, then tap Delete List.

To change the order of lists, touch and hold the list name, then drag the list to a new location.







Stay Organized

Reminders are a great way to help you stay organized and help you enjoy the important things in your life.  And best of all it is a Nugget that is easy.




No Setup necessary


Requires IOS: 11+

Works on iPhone and iPad