Find your iPhone/iPad Now Works with Siri

One of my favorite additions to Siri’s capabilities is that she can now find my iPhone or iPad.

Now it’s fast.  And for the record, I’m not accusing anyone of being forgetful when trying to find your device hiding around your home.  

I use Find my iPad on occasion to find my device which is simply hiding in the house.  But it took a few minutes to launch the app, pick the device and more (This topic and setup is covered in Nugget #14 Find my Lost iPhone.)  

With the release of IOS 12, it now works with Siri!

So picture a scene where you are sitting in your favorite chair and you want to read but don’t remember where you last had your iPad.  You reach for your iPhone, summon Siri and ask “Find my iPad.”  Your iPhone displays the following screen indicating that she has found your device. 


Tap Confirm and start listening.  Your device will be playing a sound even if you are looking for your iPhone with the ringer off!

Find my iPhone/iPad is a sweet addition to the Siri arsenal.











See Nugget #14 Find your Lost iPhone


Requires IOS: 12+

Works on iPhone and iPad



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