Find your Lost iPhone

It happens.  You misplace your iPhone and it doesn’t show up in your initial search of your house.  Quickly, you just think, I’ll call it from my land line (yes, many of us still have those) or another phone and it occurs to your that your phone is on vibrate and can’t be heard.

At this point, you need the Find iPhone app that will play a sound on your device regardless of your ringer setting.

The Find iPhone app provides a number of tools that will help you either locate your phone, or wipe your personal data from the phone if it is lost or stolen.   Once set up it can use the tools on another Apple device, or use the Find My iPhone web app on to:

  • Locate your device on a map
  • Lock it remotely
  • Play a sound
  • Display a message
  • Erase all its data.

Additionally, if your iPhone is stolen,  a feature called Activation Lock will prevent anyone else from activating and using your device.  

How to Find your iPhone/iPad?

The Find iPhone app and function provides maps and tools that will help you find a lost phone whether it is lost in your house or left at some other location. There are two requirements to use this function:

  1. Find your iPad function is turned on and configured. This is set up in the iCloud settings.  Your options are more limited if you lose your iPad or iPhone and remember at that point that you never turned the function on.
  2. You have access to another Apple device, laptop or desk machine that can access the internet and  You will need to log onto with your Apple ID and password. 


Setup Step-by-Step

Setup Find your iPad

  1. Access iCloud on your iPad or iPhone.
    1. IOS 10.3 (current) or later tap Settings > [your name] > iCloud.
    2. IOS 10.2 or earlier, tap Settings > iCloud.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and tap Find My iPad.
  3. Slide to turn on Find My iPad and Send Last Location. (Green means on) Send Last Location will send Apple the last location as a battery dies. Critical if some time passes before you recognize that your iPad or iPhone is missing.


Using Find iPhone Step-by-Step

Using Find your iPhone/iPad Functions

There are options when you need to use the Find Your Iphone function.  You can either use the web site or use your or another persons iPhone or iPad.

From a web browser, access

  1. Log on with your Apple ID
  2. Your device location(s) are displayed on a map.  The process will look for all devices associated with this Apple ID.
  3. If you have more than one Apple device, select the desired device from the pull down at the top of the screen.
  4. Choose Play a Sound and listen for the loud sound coming from your lost iPhone.

You will also see a notification on your iPhone about the Sound request.








It is so easy to misplace your phone in your home, car or other location.  The Find iPhone function is an essential but hidden feature.


See Step-by-Step above


Requires IOS: 9+

Works on iPhone and iPad

Additional Information

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