Current IOS Version Recommendation

This page contains the most current Senior Tech Club recommandations about IOS updates.  Look to this page for insight and our recommendations about the latest IOS updates.

The recommendations are simple:

  • Wait – Indicates that the recommendation is to wait before updating.  This recommendation can change with either a fix release or more information from the marketplace
  • Upgrade – Indicates that an upgrade or update is recommended.  Enjoy the new features and stability.

IOS Version 12.1.2 – Wait – 06/08/2019

I have not updated my IOS and am not recommending the update.  

I still see reports of issues that some users are seeing.  I regularly do this search of @AppleSupport on Twitter.  

Here is an example of an “I’m having a problem” Tweet:



I see news reports that IOS Version 12.1.3 is in its third round of Beta tests.  Pretty complete coverage of the beta release is found on the 9to5Mac site.  

It is starting to look like version 12.1.2 is a release that I will simply skip.  Stay tuned.




IOS Version 12.1.2 – Wait – 12/24/2018

The marketplace has uncovered an issue with IOS Version 12.1.2 that causes the recommendation to be WAIT on this release.  

Here are some of the reports from credible resources:

iOS 12.1.2 update reportedly causing widespread cellular data outages – Mashable

Apple iOS 12.1.2 Release Has A Nasty Surprise – Forbes

Stay tuned on Version 12.1.2 and look to the Senior Tech Club to track progress on these issues.



Additional Information

Apple Support:  About IOS 12 Updates


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