Seven Ways to Release the Camera Shutter

When using the iPhone camera, many people only know about using the circle on the bottom of the iPhone Camera app to take a photo. However, there are more very useful techniques to release the shutter.  The other approaches can be more convenient, offer camera stability and provide new functions.  


1. Press the Shutter button in the app


2. Press either volume button. This method allows you to hold the iPhone like a traditional point and shoot camera.  This also often works better for taking selfies.

3 Press the volume button on your standard headphones/EarBuds that came with your iPhone. There are a couple of applications where this approach is useful:

  1. You want to avoid any movement with your iPhone and eliminate camera shake
  2. You want to hide the fact that you are taking pictures with your iPhone.
  3. You can take selfies or group photos without holding the iPhone and the restriction of your arm length.

4. Press and Hold the Shutter – When the shutter button is pressed and held, the iPhone takes a burst of photos. Recent versions of the iPhone will take around 10 photos per second. You will see a counter indicating the number of photos you have taken.

Burst photos will give you a collection of photos that work great for capturing live action where you want to capture one good image from a moving subject.  Or consider using bursts for group photos where you want to get everyone with their eyes open. See How to View and Manage Burst Photos below for information on viewing burst collections.

5. Set a timer.  In the Camera app, press the timer icon on the upper right of the camera screen

  1. Select either 3s or 10s for seconds
  2. Release the shutter with the shutter or volume button
  3. A burst shot of ten pictures will be taken in either 3 or 10 seconds.

6. Apple Watch – Owners of an Apple Watch can use the watch as a remote viewfinder and shutter release.

7. Use an accessory. There are many accessories that can also be used to release the shutter this includes selfie sticks and Bluetooth devices. Here are two examples

  • Bluetooth shutter remote control buttons that can be purchased for under $10 that will allow you to place your camera on a tripod and take family group pictures that include you. This approach doesn’t require a camera.

    Bluetooth Remote Shutter Control
  • Selfie Stick that either plugs into your iPhone or uses Bluetooth to release the shutter.

Selfie Stick


Smart Tip:  Be Prepared

Knowing the quickest way to access your camera and your options to release the shutter prepares you to be able to capture that once-in-a-lifetime photo.