Swipe Left to Delete from a List

Many of us like to keep things tidy.  So it is natural that we like to delete old messages, books, emails, notes, reminders and more from our iPhones and iPad.


There is a common but hidden delete function that is often available when items are presented in lists.  Simply swipe left on the item that you want to delete and a delete action is presented to you.  Tap the Trash can or Delete action.  Many apps will also ask you to confirm that this is what you wish to do.

That’s it.  A quick and easy way to keep your lists tidy.




Here are some examples when items and presented in a list.  The left column is the list and the item to be swiped.  The right column shows the delete function:



Messages App

Swipe Left to Delete Text Messages


Notes App

Swipe Left to Delete Notes


Where do I find this?

The action that allows you to swipe left to delete an item from a list can be found in the following apps:

  • Notes
  • Messages
  • Mail
  • Weather

When you see a list of items, swipe left for a quick delete action.


No Setup necessary


Requires IOS: 9+

Works on iPhone and iPad

Additional Information

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