Using your iPhone to Track Steps and Exercise

Simple walking is great exercise.  And proposed by many to be the perfect exercise for Seniors.  Let’s cite some science-based evidence for you to consider:

Live Longer – The American Cancer Society reports that an hour of walking a day lowers the  risk of death by 30 percent, compared with those who stayed put on the couch.

Better Brain Health – A 2011 study showed that simply by walking three days a week for 40 minutes, 65-year-olds could shave off about two years of typical age-related atrophy of the hippocampus.

Save Money –  A study in the Journal of the American Heart Association, reported that being active will save you more than $2,500 annually in health care spending.

This is just a small sample of the benefits of walking.  You need no equipment to get started. And you can use your iPhone to track your progress.

Tracking Steps with your iPhone

You can use the Health App to track steps taken and stairs climbed.  The iPhone since version 5S contains a built-in motion processor that can track your steps without using an external device.

Although other trackers like a Fitbits or Apple Watches are more portable and may be more appropriate for an active life, the basic tracker of the iPhone might be perfect if you want to keep track of your progress with a step mission.

If every day you have a step mission of 10,000 steps, you just have to carry your iPhone and use the Health app.

Step by Step

VIEW  Your Steps and Activity Date 

Launch the Health App

1 Tap Summary to see your stats for today.

2 To add additional states, tap Edit to see a list of additional information to display.

3 Tap the star associated with other items to display under summary.





One the Summary display, you can tap on a metric like Steps, to view more detail about this activity.

  • To see activity trends, tap DayWeekMonth or Year at the top of the screen
  • See Highlights and trends continue to scroll down on the Hightlights screen

Additional Information

Senior Tech Club Recipe #118 – How to Use the iPhone Health App – It Could Save your Life! provides a more comprehensive look at the Health App with a Video demonstration.


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