Welcome to the Senior Tech Club Academy

This is where iPhone and iPad users can learn about basic and advanced topics about their devices.  Each class will have both beginner and advanced topics and lessons.  Once enrolled, you can move forward through the classes at your own pace.

Classes  have  written lessons drawing from the extensive catalog of the Senior Tech Club.  Many lessons have videos.  Some classes will use resources from other experts.

We expect questions.  When you have a question,  you can ask that question online.  Or we will also host weekly Zoom Q&A sessions where you can also pose your questions.   But you have to enroll in a class in order to participate in these live sessions.

How do you enroll in a class?

Click or tap on the course description below to start the process.  You will need to log into our site with your email address and password in order to enroll in a class. 

Don’t have a login password?  Registration is free if you have not logged on previously.  


Finally, all of the classes listed below are also free.


Upcoming Academy Classes

Choose classes from our schedule of upcoming classes found below.  Additional classes will be coming in the upcoming months.


Our October Class

iPhone Fun with Fundamentals

This is the iPhone foundation class at the Academy where you will learn the fundamentals of using and managing your iPhone.  These are essential skills that all older adults need to know about their iPhones. But even experienced users will find useful functions that are hidden!

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Coming Soon - December 1

Better iPhone Photography

The iPhone's Camera is a surprising powerhouse capable of taking awesome photos and video.  However many older adults never get beyond basic point and shoot capabilities. This course will have you taking better photos and video in no time.

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Coming Soon - November 1

Staying Well-Connected Using your iPhone

Helping you stay connected with family, friends and your business life can be a key advantage of your iPhone.  Your iPhone offers tools for texting, email, phone and video communication.  This course will teach you the basics of email, text, phone and video communication.

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Watch the Video of the Academy Launch Event

What the video from the Senior Tech Academy Launch Event that was part of the October 5 Senior Tech Tuesday session.  Learn more about the background of the program and enrollment process.