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A Tour of the Camera App

A great many iPhone users will use their iPhone cameras in a point and shoot fashion. The purpose of this Nugget is to deliver quick tips for iPhone photography and includes Flash, Live Photo, HDR, Zoom, Focus and Exposure and all of the Modes including photo, square, pano, video, time-lapse, and slo-mo.

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Turn off Live Photos

Live photos were introduced to iPhone photography with iPhone 6s. Live photos will capture sound and movement a second and a half before and after a photo is taken. It does this by taking a short video clip with the photo. However, the effect isn’t always desirable for everyone who wants to record life events with simple photography. This Nugget demonstrates how to turn off the default setting.

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The Basics of iPhone Photography – Let’s Point and Shoot

The camera on your iPhone has grown up in a hurry.  The camera in your pocket or purse has plenty of features that make it a camera worthy of capturing the pictures of your life. 

The purpose of this recipe is to deliver quick tips for iPhone Photography. It includes:

Five ways to launch your camera.
Seven ways to press the shutter.
Explore how to work with Bursts photos. 

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Stay Connected and Engaged

Membership in the Senior Tech Club provides complete access to Senior Tech Club recipes and community.

Stay connected and engaged by mastering your iPhone and iPad with the help of the Club.

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